Volcano Pack: Wolves of the Flames

Born to flame, etched in fire, doomed to ash...

Welcome Stranger,

To the world of the Wolven.

Welcome to the fire that lurks within.

Welcome to...Volcano Pack.


Legends. Those things that aren't real, that don't exist. The monsters that hide under your bed, the boogeymen your parents swear aren't really there, those monsters and creatures that roam about the vicious realm of the night, killing in the dark and slaughtering all in their blood soaked path. Those are legends, yes, myths and stories told to small children in an effort to make them behave...but not all legends fall into the same category, can claim the same space. Just as not all legends have disappeared...

There are those that do not use the darkness to hide their activities, that do not conceal their presence from the world of man, the kingdom that continues to flourish even now, to this very day and age. Tell me...have you heard of the new legend? Have you heard of...Wolven?

Tell me, if you knew what roamed about in the dark, would you run?

If you witnessed the fire that burns in our hearts, would you flee for your very life?


So what are Wolven?

To answer the question of just what Wolven are, here is a brief history concerning the species:

Wolven are a different breed, a cross between a human and a werewolf, honed to perfection through centuries of selective breeding, built for protection and resilience, as evidenced by their living status and natural habitats. These creatures prefer extremes of either the blazing heat or searing cold, as their realms are as vast and varied as the rocky terrain of the frozen mountains to the range of an extensive, if dormant, volcano that still manages to put forth great amounts of heat.

Originally, Wolven were bred to hunt the things that haunted the dark, to kill that which threatened the innocent and peaceful, training and honing their abilities so as to perform their entrusted task well, and admirable their feats were, for the species managed to not only eradicate any and everything considered dark and vile, but also managed to become the nation's peacekeepers, as they were called onto the battlefield to fight for clan and country, their name and status growing with each and every victory, every battle, until no one dared to oppose their home kingdom.

For many years, a quiet and serene peace ruled the lands, and though the Wolven remained ever vigilant and watchful, always wary, always ready to burst into action at a moment's notice, no call to arms came, and the legends told of their battles and great feats became just that, legends. They languished and laxed their guard in the quiet of the nation, the lack of turbulence that once brewed and boiled over the land, becoming a peaceful race themselves for a time being.

Until, that is, the pack whose home lay in the icy, frozen wilderness of the North, broke apart, a rebellion having sparked among some of the younger, more radical wolves. Demon Ice was the pack's proclaimed title, they were the Wolven known for their mastery of ice style fighting, able to do battle even on the thinnest of surfaces in the most brutal of blizzards, the cruelest of circumstances. They were commonly known as the "demons of the storm," a fierce guild that was willing to go the extra mile in any and all missions, completing each and every request, or dying in the effort; they were intense and cold, though kind and knowledgeable at heart, when one managed to break past their frosty barriers.

A faction had grown within their ranks, one the Alphess had deemed insignificant, barely a threat in its infancy, but a problem that grew to major proportions once allowed the chance to mature. These new minds, these dangerous thinkers, pulled away to form their own version, a better version, in their minds, a pack full of assassins, those who had been trained to kill since birth, whose teaching had somehow warped and twisted the brains that had once been such a promising young generation of new leaders, of new perspectives, becoming known only as Bloody Ice, a pack that would come to be feared and hated by all for their insane and merciless ways.

They grew and flourished, despite Demon Ice's efforts to annihilate and demolish them, a fact which resulted in the loss of many lives, resulted in great bloodshed. At one point, Volcano Pack had not become involved, and Bloody Ice withdrew, the bitter war lapsing into a tense silence, a tentative truce, allowing the three largest groups of Wolven to attend to their own, normal daily lives, though both the demons of the storm and the fire filled passions of the volcano watched and waited, knowing that the end is not yet here, and the worst was yet to come. They were right, for Bloody Ice complied and gathered their strength, as well as numbers, for a great many years before they attacked, simply having employed the strategy of biding their time. The war was massive, extensive, and in that time many lives were lost, including those of several pack members. While both Demon Ice and Volcano Pack managed to annihilate and defeat the vile forces of their rival, it was not without consequence, and at far too great a cost. Now the Wolven numbers are at an all time record low, and is if that weren't enough, as if to make matters worse, a species the world long thought gone has risen again...

The blood suckers that Wolven fought for so long to eradicate, as they had the werewolves before them, the creatures that feast and feed primarily upon human blood, despite the fact that many of them aren't picky, have risen from the ashes. Similar to the myths surrounding the phoenixes, the vamps have made their miraculous return, the death defying, terror inspiring, awe inducing fanged menaces quickly rising to power to claim the homes of the city's streets, holding hostage the empire of the humans well beyond the dark, even into the early hours of the day, through use of a special ceremony gifting the supernatural beings of the night with brief power during day light hours. Humans huddle in fear, children cling to their mothers, fathers struggle to protect their own. And undead creatures of the night will not stop there...for at long last, the vampires have made their return, and this time, nothing will stop them from rising.

About Wolven

All Wolven follow a certain code of life, though Bloody Ice had their own, more twisted version, in which varying consequences exist if the laws are broken or voided by any member of the free and cheerful society.

The Wolven Code:

  • Alphas are to be obeyed and respected in all circumstances; punishment for this type of infraction is left up to the Alphas themselves.
  • The heir to take over the pack is chosen solely by the Alpha pair, though in certain instances, the Betas may arise to the rank if an heir is not provided or named before the event of their death.
  • A pack mate is never harmed or killed, neither is a pup. All members are valued and respected, therefore, violation of this law is banishment or death, depending upon the severity if the crime and the personal preference of the Alpha.
  • A human child or infant is never to be turned in any circumstance, for they are not yet old enough to know what they desire in life, nor are they free of the wishes and traditions of their parents. Punishment for this infraction is almost always death, unless an extreme situation is present.
  • The pack must never be betrayed, the reason for the very formation of the pack is to provide a safe, loving family where one can feel accepted and loved, a place to come together and enjoy life. Treason is not tolerated in any instance, and consequences are severe.

Now, this is role play, and for it to be kept spiced up and exciting, I expect situations that will test these laws for the society. Feel free to play them out, if they are within reason, for they'll make excellent plots! No idea is to big or to small, and all suggestions are welcome.


How a Wolven comes about:

Essentially, there are three ways to become a Wolven, all interconnected and entwined in their most basic forms. 

  1. Born - As the name implies, this is an instance when the Wolven is born as such, coming into the world as one of their breed, usually due to the union of two Wolven parents. 
  2. Bitten - This is where an individual, a human adult, in most cases, is bitten by a Wolven, and the special mix of toxins and proteins in the Wolven's saliva enter the bloodstream and proceed to alter the human's chemistry and make up so that, they too, become one of Wolven blood. 
  3. Blood contamination - The blood of the human is essentially contaminated by a Wolven's. This can happen in battle, when the people of the village find an injured wolf and treat the injuries of their own accord and fail to adequately wash the blood from their skin, or any circumstance in which an individual is exposed for a period of over three hours. Much the same as how the saliva mutates the human DNA, the blood of a Wolven will perform the same task.


Additional Facts about Wolven:

Wolven are unique creatures in the fact that they have not one, but 5 lives. This means that they may lose their life, their heart may stop and their chest may cease to rise and fall, up to four times before finally giving way permanently and the death is final. It is a trait that was bred into the species to give them an edge in fighting creatures such as vampires and the like, something they have managed to retain through out the many centuries since their formation.

They also have wolf ears and wolf tails in both their human and animal forms, no human ears grace their human figures whatsoever. They are able to change between each form whenever they choose, and never get stuck between shifts, as werewolves sometimes would when they walked the planet; furthermore, the lunar cycle does not effect Wolven in the slightest.

There are two types of Wolven, the normal, more abundant type that is commonly seen, modeled after the modern wolf, and the Dire Wolven, or Dire Bloods, if one wishes to be insulting. The Dire Bloods are older and more powerful, based off the dire wolf species that died out long ago. Whereas Wolven have 5 lives and up to three powers, Dire Bloods are gifted with 6 lives and 4 powers. Dire Wolven also have a slightly different appearance in their animal forms, inch long fangs dropping down from their top maw, the two frontal incisors larger and more powerful than any of the other teeth, and they are far larger in this form than the average Wolven; these wolves are also much fiercer, more volatile, stronger, and far more resilient, with a greater endurance level than the average wolf.

Please note: A third type of Wolven has been discovered and introduced in more recent times. These are not pure blooded Wolven, nor are they pure blooded Dire Wolven. This new species is a hybrid, meaning, they are mixed with another species, most commonly the medieval style Elf, though they may be mixed with a vampire or a human. The human hybrid variety is growing more common as of late, while there has yet to be one born of both vampire and Wolven blood, primarily due to the rivalry between the two species.

This means that this particular type of Wolven was born from an Elven parent and a Wolven parent, or an Elven parent and Dire Wolven parent, or in the case of a human hybrid, a human parent and Wolven parent, or a human parent and Dire Wolven parent. You get the picture; it's the same with the vampire hybrids. The primary hybrid type has grown rare, due to the fact that the Elves withdrew from the human kingdoms to seclude themselves in their walls where they could not be bothered or harmed, they are still around, and they are of an ancient bloodline, an almost historic species, while those with human lineage are on the rise due to this new age of all sorts of acceptable love. However, these Wolven come with a mixture of disadvantages and advantages, which will now be covered and discussed.

The hybrid Wolven are weaker, with an overall, general power reduction regarding the strength levels of their abilities, though they retain the normal power number of whichever Wolven they are modeled after. A hybrid of the regular Wolven type will still retain three powers, while a hybrid of the Dire Blood lines will still have four powers.

There is also a difference in the number of lives these hybrids are gifted with, those who are birthed by a normal Wolven will have 4, one less than a pure blood, and those who are brought to be by a Dire Blood will have 5, also one less than a pure blood. However, these hybrids are far more graceful and skilled in the scouting areas, particularly due to their Elven heritage, the majority gifted with amazing archery and sharpshooting skills, in addition to stunning agility and the ability to hide their bloodlines better, due to the fact that they, and they alone, have only an animal tail in human form, and Elven ears, if born from an Elven parent. Hybrids with human lineage have more humanistic traits, those born of Vampire more vampiric traits, etc. Many of them are also tightly bound to nature. 

Like normal wolves and, in most cases, people, Wolven will take one mate, and only one, at a time, and generally they remain with this mate for their entire life, if fate permits. If not, if divorce occurs, then each partner is allowed to take a new mate; the same is the case if a partner dies permanently before the other. Children from the union are allowed to stay with the living parent in the instance of permanent death, or with whichever caregiver they wish in the case of divorce.

The gestation period for she-wolves, or female Wolven, is roughly about 5 months. A birth at or even a bit beyond this mark is considered a full term child, while anything earlier is marked as premature; if an expectant mother should lose a life before the birth is achieved, the child is often left unharmed, a defense mechanism bred into the bloodlines. Since Wolven are partially human, the ladies still have monthlies, much as they suck, and it is just before this cycle that pregnancy can occur.

Bloodlines are a strange phenomenon in this species as well, for there are three different blood types that may course through a Wolven's veins, though each Wolven takes only one. Each type is easily distinguishable, for the blood is catastrophically different in each individual category.

  • Blue Bloods - Named so because the blood is a silvery blue color, they are also referred to as a Silver Blood at times. It appears as if fine silver has been sprinkled in the blue liquid of their blood. This blood type is exceedingly rare, only a handful of Wolven are gifted with this particular type.
  • Black Bloods - The blood is black as midnight, dark as the shadows the surround the most vile of hearts, though the Wolven with this type are not necessarily evil. They are the second most common, a good quarter of the Wolven population has this type. 
  • Red Bloods - The most common blood type, Wolven graced with this blood have the normal crimson colored liquid flowing through their veins. About three quarters of the population have this type.

Wolven also age at an extremely slow pace, so much so that one may be around 50 and only appear to be in their late teens or early twenties. This attribute varies from Wolven to Wolven, being unique to each and every one.